Veterans Helping Veterans, established 1999





August 23 - 25, 2018

Cotton Rosser Pavillion

Riverfront Park

1010 Bizz Johnson Drive

   Marysville, CA.



Yuba Sutter Veterans Stand Down, an all Volunteer organization, is seeking Additional Volunteers for the 2018 Stand Down event. Stand Down 2018 will be August 23 – 25, 2018 at the Cotton Rosser Pavilion in Marysville’s Riverfront Park.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of responsibilities including setup prior to the event, various tasks throughout the event and tear down at the close of the event.

All volunteers will be required to pre-register and attend a mandatory orientation prior to the event. No Volunteers that have not pre-registered will be allowed in the Stand Down area during the event.

If you are interested in Volunteering, please send an email with your Name, Phone number and email address to: ysvsdvolunteers2018@gmail.com

You will be sent a return email that will include details about the mandatory orientation.

Thanks so much for your interest in Yuba Sutter Veterans Stand Down




Standing Tall For Vets

2nd Annual Fundraiser

When: October 12, 2018

Venue: The Showroom, Colusa Casino

Where: 3770 CA-45, Colusa, CA 95932

Contact Person: Nick Micheli

Email: standingtallforvets17@yahoo.com

For more information visit: http://standingtallforvets.com/

The Yuba Sutter Veterans Stand Down recently received a generous, unsolicited donation from the California Foundation for Stronger Communities.

The Board of Directors of the California Foundation for Stronger Communities, a California non-profit public benefit corporation, acts as the Board of Directors for the California Municipal Finance Authority (CMFA). The CMFA is a Joint Powers Authority created to strengthen local communities by assisting with financing of economic development and charitable activities throughout the state of California. By supporting the member communities and their local charities, the CMFA is able to directly contribute to the health and welfare of the residents of California. Over $8 million of charitable donations have been given to worthy California non-profits.

The Yuba Sutter Veterans Stand Down wishes to thank the California Foundation for Stronger Communities once again for this unexpected donation. With the costs of everything involved in Stand Down on the rise, this donation could not have come at a better time.

For more information about the California Foundation for Stronger Communities, you can visit their website at http://www.cmfa-ca.com/

Yuba Sutter Veterans Stand Down

Is a Partner Agency with

Yuba- Sutter-Colusa United Way

The Yuba Sutter United Way is committed to creating long-lasting changes with measurable improvements within the Yuba, Sutter , and Colusa County areas by focusing their efforts on building blocks for a better life.

As part of that commitment, United Way invests in high performance non-profit organizations that provide programs and services that provide programs and services that align with their strategic priorities and impact areas.  United Way has determined Stand Down to be such a non-profit organization. 



What is the Veteran’s Stand Down?

The original Stand Down for the homeless veterans was modeled after the Stand Down concept used during the Vietnam War to provide a safe retreat for units returning from combat operations. At secure base camp areas, troops were able to take care of personal hygiene, get clean uniforms, enjoy warm meals, receive medical and dental care, mail and receive letters, and enjoy the camaraderie of friends in a safe environment. Stand Down afforded battle-weary soldiers the opportunity to renew their spirit, health and overall sense of well-being. Stand Down is an intervention that was conceived from the ground up specifically for veterans. It is designed to transform the despair and immobility of homeless into the momentum necessary to get into recovery, to resolve legal issues, to seek employment, to access health and benefits, to reconnect with the community and to get off the streets…A very tall order for a three-day event. Stand Down is a belief in the triumph of the human spirit over extraordinary odds. It grows out of a conviction that the overwhelming number of homeless veterans on the streets of America is unacceptable and that the veteran community itself must respond. Each year the Yuba-Sutter Veterans Stand Down has grown, been refined to meet the needs of our veterans, homeless or not, all active duty personnel and their dependents. There are organizations / agencies and more than 2,800 and growing volunteers from all walks of life that make Stand Down happen. Some never set foot on the Stand Down field; others are there from the first day of set up until the site is returned to its original form. Perhaps the hallmark of success is that each year more and more of our volunteers were once participants who have made the courageous move to change their lives.





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